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Band aids

Algitocare® alginate band- aid is made up of medical proof fabric, dressing and interleaving paper, our band – aid is mainly divided into “alginate band –aid” and” chitosan and alginate polyblend ban

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    The wound plaster consists of a glued substrate, an absorbent pad, an anti-stick layer and a peelable protective layer. Non-sterile provided, single use.It is used for first aid and temporary bandaging of superficial wounds such as small wounds, abrasions, cuts, etc.

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    Three years


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Hydrogel Dressing

Algitocare Hydrogel Dressing is colorless or light yellow transparent gel, it is mainly made up of carbomer, glycerin and deionized water.  Hydrogel dressing contains more than 70% of water, it can debride and provide the moist microenvironment to wound, Hydrogel can be used on the surface and carvity wounds directly

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Hydrocolloid dressing

Hydrocolloid dressing is manufactured with PU Film, release paper and hydrocolloid. The hydrocolloid is composed of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and viscous rubber.

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Silicone foam dressing

Silicone foam dressing is manufactured with foam, silicone layer, PU film, and isolation film. It was made by adding a soft silicone layer with adhesion and holes on foam dressing. Silicone foam dressing has gentle viscosity and will not adhere to wounds. The hole is convenient for the liquid to pass through, thus maintaining the liquid absorption capacity of foam dressing.

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Alginate fibers

Common alginate fibers are made from sodium alginate turough a wet spinning process. It has high hygroscopicity

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