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Algitocare® Alginate Wound Dressing

Medical dressings produced by our company include sterile alginate wound dressings、sterile chitosan wound dressings and chitosan and sterile alginate polyblend wound dressings.

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  • Alginate Wound Dressing

    Non-adhesive Algitocare sterile alginate wound dressing: is a highly absorbent functional dressing made from alginate fibers, which are derived from brown seaweeds. When applied on wound, the dressing can rapidly absorb exudate and form a soft, moist hydrogel on the wound surface, which can accelerate healing of wounds by providing a moist micro-environment. The non-adhesive dressing is easy to remove from the wound, without causing secondary injury.

    Self-adhesive Algitocare sterile alginate wound dressing: is composed of a medical tape, an alginate dressing core and a layer of isolation paper. The dressing core is the same nonwoven material used in Algitocare dressing described above. When applied on wound, the medical tape helps secure the dressing on the wound edge, while the dressing core provides wound healing functions described above.


    When Algitocare sterile alginate wound dressing is in contact with wound exudate, calcium ions in the alginate fibers will exchange with sodium ions in the wound exudate, converting the fibers into water soluble sodium alginate, which is capable of holding a large amount of exudates. As a result of the ion-exchange process, a layer of hydrophilic hydrogel with oxygen permeability will form on the surface of the wound, which is also capable of preventing bacteria from entering into the wound. The moist environment created by Algitocare sterile alginate wound dressing can also stimulate tissue growth and promote wound healing.

     [Intended use ]

    1. Minor abrasions.

    2. Minor lacerations.

    3. Minor scalds and burns.

    4. Pressure ulcers.

    5. Exudate wound.


    1. Surgical implantation

    2. Dry wounds

    3. To control heavy bleeding

    [Use of non-adhesive dressing]

    1.Preparation: wash wound with normal saline, dry the wound edge with sterile gauze.

    2. Instructions:

    a) Cover the wound surface with a piece of dressing, then use a secondary bandage to secure the dressing.

    b)Change the dressing timely once it reaches its absorption capacity, as the wound heals, reduce the frequency to twice a week.

    c) Replace or remove: remove secondary bandage, remove dressing with normal saline or auxiliary tool.

    [Use of self-adhesive dressing]

    1. Preparation: wash wound with normal saline, dry the wound edge with sterile gauze.

    2. Instructions:

    a) Peel off the isolation paper, do not touch the dressing core;

    b) Cover the core on wounds; fix the tape on wound edge, smooth and press it;

    c) Based on the amount of exudate, replace timely. While replacing, uncover the medical tape from a corner and remove gently.



    1. Non-adhesive dressing:

    Sheet: 5cm×5cm, 10cm×10cm, 10cm×20cm, 7.5cm×12cm, 10cm×15cm, 15cm×15cm, 20cm×20cm, 2cm×30cm, 2cm×44cm

    2.Self-adhesive dressing:

    10cm×10cm (core 5cm×5cm)

    [Packing specification] 1 piece/bag or 1 rope/bowl

    [Storage conditions] ventilation, room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.

    [Period of validity] three years


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