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Characteristics of fibers

Characteristics of fibers

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Based on the production technology of the common alginate fiber,through adding various active components including the silver, copper, zinc, activated carbon, to achieve the modification of alginate fiber , thus improves its performance and makes it has broad prospects and more excellent nursing effect.


Properties and Applications

1. High absorbency alginate fibers

By adding special component in the spinning solution, and then through wet spinning to prepare alginate fiber with high hygroscopic property. Compared with common alginate fiber, it has a higher hygroscopicity, it can substantially absorpt more wound exudate to keep the wound cleaning, in addition , it has the function of hemostasis,antibacterial, and can accelerate wound healing.

2. Silver containing alginate fibers

Silver is an antibacterial material that with excellent performance, it has a very strong antibacterial activity, through adding silver antimicrobial agent in the alginate fiber to modify it, greatly enhancing its antibacterial activity, sliver containing wound alginate dressings can control the bacteria on the wound,avoid wound infection and also can promote the healing of chronic wounds and burns.

3. Copper containing alginate fibers

Copper ion can promote collagen tissue growth,it also has the efficiency of  anti-aging and bactericidal action, the copper ions in the alginate fibers takes a special role to original functions, such as promoting wound healing,reducing scar formation and stronger bactericidal activity,which greatly improves the application range and prospect of alginate fiber.

4. Zinc containing aliginate fibers

20% zinc of the human body is present in the skin and mainly exists as the form of the enzyme, which is an important cofactor in the enzyme catalysis. When in contact with wound exudate, zinc containing alginate fiber can form gel,providing amoist environment for the wound,in the same time,it also release zinc ions into the wound,promoting the formation of various types of enzyme in the wound,accelerating the physiological role of the enzyme so as to promote wound healing and reduce scar formation.

5. Activated carbon containing alginate fiber

Activated carbon has a porous structure, it has strong adsorption capacity and can adsorb microorganisms and viruses. Through adding a certain proportion of activated carbon into the spinning dope, can prepare alginate fiber containing activated carbon by wet spinning. Compared with common algin-ate fiber, except with high and good gel forming properties, it also can absorb bacteria in the wou-nd, as well as the smell of wound infection, which has better antibacterial activity and good performance of keeping the wound clean.

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