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Alginate fibers

Common alginate fibers are made from sodium alginate turough a wet spinning process. It has high hygroscopicity

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    Common alginate fibers are made from sodium alginate turough a wet spinning process. It has high hygroscopicity ,gel forming properties, when the alginate dressing is applied for preparing a wound, it can substantially absorpt exudate to form a gel, which can provide moist environment for wound healing, stimulate skin tiss-ue growth, accelerate the healing wound. It has favorable curative effect on bedsore, burn and other chronic ulcer wound. Our company can according to customer demands, adjust raw materials and production process to provide alginate fibers with different G/M ratio, fineness and gelling properity.


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    One of the main applications of "Gellins"alginate fibers is the production of functional wound dressings. Wound dressings made of alginate fibers can adsorb water,donate moisture,suppress bacteria growth and facilitate wound healing.They can help offer effective wound management by lowering the cost and raising the quality of wound healing.When combined with chitosan,silver ions and other functional materials,the performances of "Gellins" alginate fibers can be further enhanced.While the number of chronic ulcers is increasing with the progress of the ageing population,there is a bright future for functional marine biomedical materials.



    3.8 cm; 5.1 cm; 6.5 cm; 7.6 cm

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