Bright Moon Biomedical Materials attended Beijing Medical Exhibition

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Bright Moon Biomedical Materials attended Beijing Medical Exhibition

On March 25th, Qingdao Bright Moon Biomedical Materials took part in the 30th session of the medical Instrument and Equipment Exhibition (China Med) which held at Beijing International Conference Center. During the exhibition, BMBM communicate and discuss with dozens of well-known domestic and foreign customers, exchanged views, and gained the first-hand market information, which deepened mutual understanding with the partners, and further promoted the reputation and influence of the company brand, played a powerful role in promoting the company's publicity and development.

This exhibition is an army purchase selection exhibition, which is the biggest feature of efficient promotion and centralized purchase. In the morning of March 24th, we were invited by the army customers to observe the first-aid exercises with various kinds of armed forces, learned a lot of first-aid knowledge, have a full understanding of the first-aid products, opened up a vision, and established contact with some military suppliers, which found the direction for the integration and development of the army and the people.

Through face-to-face communication with customers, and detailed product demonstration and experience, the exhibition shows the excellent performance and the broad market prospects of Algitocare sterile wound dressing and medical scar paste to customers. BMBM relies on the leading advantage of Bright Moon Seaweed Group in marine biological industry, develops and produces new biomedical materials, such as fiber, film, sponge, hydrogel, non-woven fabric, medical dressings, and so on, which are based on marine biological materials. The products are widely used in medical treatment, health care, beauty, functional fabric and other fields. BMBM is an innovative enterprise with alginate extraction, wet spinning, non-woven fabric processing, packaging and a series technology from seaweed processing to producing functional alginate medical dressings.