Wet spinning

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Wet spinning is a chemical fiber spinning method which dissolved polymer in the solvent, through the spinneret hole to erupt trickle and then turn into the coagulation bath to form fibers, besides it can be modified by adding different excipients in the spinning solution.Wet spinning is applied when the decomposition temperature of the polymer is inferior to the melting point or easy to change color when be heated, and also can be dissolved in an appropriate solvent.

The conversion of polymers derived from naturally occurring materials into fibers and products with novel performance characteristics is a particular expertise of BMBM.With pilot equipment capable of spinning as little as a hundred grams of polymer through to commercial scale equipment,BMBM is well placed to develop fibers and nonwovens using this technique.Examples of new fibers developed at BMBM include alginate fibers containing silver,zinc,copper,carboxymethyl cellulose,carboxymethyl chitosan,activated carbon and many other novel ingredients.