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Chairman's Speech

Chairman's Speech


The vast ocean bred human civilization, it also gave birth to the Bright Moon Group.

Over the years, the Bright Moon people have adhered to the business philosophy of “thinking for the customers”, the ideology of “excellence and creativity”, and the team spirit of “forging ahead with determination”. We have behaved sincerely, worked diligently and managed bravely to commit ourselves to the development of national marine industry. Our economic and social benefits have grown considerably, at the same time, we have received love and support from all sectors of society.

The cornerstones for the sustainable development of Bright Moon Group are technology, innovation and talent. The efficient management team is our biggest asset. At present, Bright Moon Group has a good corporate governance structure, an impeccable management system, a strong product development and scientific research capability, a complete quality management system and a rationale layout of marketing network, which enable us to best satisfy customer needs.

Looking back, we are delighted with what we have achieved, while we are also confident to move ahead into the future. In order to better serve the society, we will always adhere to the business principles of “honesty, mutual cooperation, mutual benefit and mutual development”. We advocate the idea of green technology and environmental protection, and persist in our reliance on science, technology, innovation and management. With an open mind to face new challenge and the courage to meet a new wave of economic development, we will push our company towards a first class international company for the comprehensive processing of seaweeds and become the backbone of China’s seaweed industry.

"A bosom friend afar brings distant land near". Here, I would like to represent the Bright Moon staff to express our sincere thanks to all sectors of the society that have cared and supported us, and sincerely hope to extensively cooperate with you all. Hand in hand, we will together make new and greater contributions to the advancement of Chinese seaweed and marine industries.

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