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Fibers        Ordinary alginate fiber is a functional medical fiber material prepared by wet spinning from pure sodium alginate as a raw material.

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Wound dressings        Algitocare alginate medical dressing is a kind of sterile medical dressing made from alginate extracted from brown algae after wet spinning, non-woven fabric processing, cutting packaging, sterilization and other processing. The unique properties of gel formation after absorption of wound exudate.

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Nonwovens        The company has accumulated rich technology in the research, development and production of medical fibers and textiles.

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Band-aids        The band-aids are made of medical tapes, cores, and release papers. According to the core-coated raw materials, the band-aids produced by our company are mainly divided into alginate band-aids and algal shell-combination band-aids.

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Daily cosmetics        Alginate fibers are used in the field of medical and health. Through the unremitting efforts of the company, the application of alginate fibers has been extended from the medical and health field to personal care and high-end daily chemical, especially in the cosmetics field, with alginate fiber as the Spunlaced non-woven fabrics prepared from raw materials have high moisture absorption and moisturizing properties, and the masks prepared after combining with the essences have good application properties and have a high application value.

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Sanitary napkins pad
       The “Swallow Algae Whisper” sanitary napkin is a patented product of our company with independent intellectual property rights.

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